Kirstie Bavington: It’s meant to be Lauren Price’s moment but I’ll take that all away from her

Kirstie Bavington knows there is history to be made when she boxes Olympic gold medalist Lauren Price on Saturday.

They fight at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, live on Sky Sportsfor the first ever professional women’s British welterweight title.

Bavington also knows it’s coming early in his opponent’s career. She is adamant that it is too soon for Price, who has had just three professional fights and only one eight-rounder.

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Lauren Price is looking forward to adding more history to her name as she faces Kirstie Bavington for the inaugural British Female Welterweight Championship.

“I think so. She’s never done 10 rounds before. Amateurs is way different to the pro game. We’ll see when we get in there but it’s a different ball game,” Bavington told Sky Sports.

In contrast, Bavington is an experienced prizefighter and a former European champion herself. She has had many more professional rounds than Price and believes she has learned tricks the Welsh star has not yet been exposed to.

“My last fight I got headbutted a few times,” Bavington said. “That’s what gets you, the little headbutts, the little scuffs in between, but that’s what makes the fight.

“I’m quite an aggressive fighter. So, inside I love to get rough, so we’ll see how she deals with that. I’m going to give it to her and she’s got to react.

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Lauren Price says she’s excited to be a part of another historic night, as she is set to take on Kirstie Bavington for the inaugural British women’s welterweight championship on May 6.

“I’m an aggressive fighter, I’ve got loads of energy. I just need to use it in the right way.

“I can last the 10 rounds and more. It’s just my time now.”

Price, with a hugely impressive amateur track record, is expected to look good in this fight. But Bavington is relishing the prospect of springing an upset.

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Highlights of Olympic gold medalist Lauren Price against Naomi Mannes in Paris.

“She’s going to be sharp and obviously has that southpaw style as well. She’s going to be game,” she said of Price.

“This is her moment, really, if you want to put it like that. This is all for her. This British title’s for her.

“I just need to come in there and take that away. Kirstie Bavington’s going to take that from her.”

The Birmingham boxer wants to use his pressure-fighting style to exploit Price’s perceived lack of experience. She also wants to make use of her home crowd.

“I’d never thought I’d get this opportunity, not only to fight for the British but on Sky and in my hometown. Bringing a lot of fans in, I love the support,” Bavington said.

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Lauren Price says there are still things to work on after a convincing win against Naomi Mannes.

“I’m excited to get in there and put an emphasis on women’s sport.

“I deserve to be here. I’ve worked so hard for this. This is really my last chance at this game.

“I’ll leave my heart in there. It’s all down to me now.”

Bavington and Price boxing for the first women’s British title is a moment in sporting history. It’s also a real fight.

Watch Lauren Price vs Kirstie Bavington from 7pm this Saturday live on Sky Sports Action gold Sky Showcase