Ben Whittaker’s mystery challenger Ezra Arenyeka promises to give The Surgeon ‘sleepless nights’ | Boxing News

Ben Whittaker’s mystery challenger has been revealed. His name is Ezra Arenyeka. And he has vowed to put the showboating Surgeon “straight”. 

The ‘African King’ made a surprise appearance at Friday’s pre-fight press conference when he emerged from nowhere to call out Whittaker ahead of his fight against Leon Willings at the O2.

Arenyeka is 12-0 as a professional with 10 wins coming by way of knockout, and the 28-year-old has let it be known that he plans on handing Whittaker his toughest fight to date.

With his rise to prominence Whittaker is drawing an increasingly long list of potential suitors keen on exploiting the spotlight he offers. Could Arenyeka be the next test?

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Security had to restrain Nigerian contender Arenyeka who stormed towards the stage to challenge Whittaker

“I 100 per cent want to be his next opponent because as a fighter it’s a bit disrespectful the way he acts in the ring,” Arenyeka told Sky Sports.

“I know he does it for the show and for entertainment, but there’s a code in boxing. If you go around interviewing boxers, most boxers aren’t appreciative of the way he does things in the ring.”

From his dance moves to the unorthodox shots and Matrix-like manoeuvres, Whittaker has rocketed to fame in light of his viral showboating in the ring.

Some love it, some disapprove. Consider Arenyeka one of the latter.

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Whittaker once again put on a display to entertain the fans at London’s O2 Arena during his points victory over Willings

“If you’re better than your opponent, go in there and knock him out in the first round. Why do you need to do all of that?” he continued.

“It’s not nice and not fair to a man, so I’m here to put him straight. I feel I had the right impact. I told him I was coming for him on Instagram and he thought I was joking.”

The showboating, while toned down, remained evident as Whittaker came through a stubborn Leon Willings to extend his unbeaten record to 7-0 on Sunday night.

It marked more valuable rounds for the light-heavyweight prospect, who is yet to be really tested as a professional. Arenyeka intends to change that.

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Whittaker extended his perfect record to 7-0 with a points victory over a gritty Willings at the O2 Arena

“I’m coming for you, you’re going to have sleepless nights,” he said.

“Trust me, you’ve never met a fighter like me before. I’m different, I’m special, me coming for him is divine intervention.”

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